Tina Little-Coltrane

Bio: About Tina Little-Coltrane: Travel Coordinator and Agency Owner of TLC Travels' Tours & Cruises! An early 60s “Baby Boomer”, born and raised in New York City, relocated to a small town in North Carolina in 1992 where she currently resides with her husband and family. Tina’s professional travel career began when she was a young woman living and working in New York City, a time in the mid-1980's when and where the opportunities were seemingly endless. Tina completed her very first Travel Agent course more than 30 years ago at the PanAmerican School of Travel located in Manhattan. Shortly thereafter, a local Travel Agency in the Bronx, owned and operated by two Attorneys and their wives gave Tina a chance to step into the travel industry, working professionally as a “brick and mortar” Agency Travel Agent. Daily interactions face to face with walk-in travel clients as well as assisting telephone prospects, contributed to developing Tina’s exceptional sales and customer service skills. The Bronx Travel Agency was one of several owned by the Attorney partners so networking with the other branch locations on Long Island and Queens also played a huge role in developing Tina’s increased travel industry knowledge and professionalism. She learned from some of the best of the best travel professionals in the industry. With a few years of experience as a Travel Agent under her belt, Tina was offered and accepted a different career opportunity, a position of Assistant Manager in the Rentals division at a major Auto Dealership where she continued to flourish professionally over the next few years. Tina Little-Coltrane began her Entrepreneurial career in North Carolina, managing multiple small businesses. Tina obtained her professional licenses in the State as a Real Estate Broker, Life/Health/Medicare/LTC and Property/Casualty Insurance Producer and Certified Notary Public. Missing her passion for working in the Travel Industry she launched TLC Travels’ Tours and Cruises in early 2008 where continuing education is a given. As the travel industry continues to evolve, Tina’s knowledge base stays current with consistent training, travel courses and networking with various tourism boards, travel partner companies and social media outlets.

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